Multi-Coloured Head Rosette Pins - Pack of 40

Pins - Multi-coloured Head Rosette. Ideal for Sewing, Crochet, Knitting
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Multi-Coloured Head Rosette Pins for Hand Sewing/Quilting/Fabrics/Embroidery/Knitting/Crochet  Equipment - Silver/Metal

Available in wide selection of beautiful colours, these Multi-Coloured Head Rosette Pins (Pack of 40) are excellent for quilting and pinning fabrics, as well as machine sewing and dressmaking.

Made with a plastic head, these pins are ergonomic and easy to handle, great if you need to use larger pin heads. With their bright colours, these pins are easy to spot if you accidentally drop them while working.

Colours available: Red/White/Burgundy/Green/Pink/Blue/Orange/Purple