Connecting With Other Crafters

Published 7 Jan 2020

For many people (especially beginners in crafting, knitting or crochet), going out and meeting new people who enjoy the same things as you can be really terrifying.


Here’s a few easy ways to find others who love to knit and crochet:

  • You can meet other crafters both in person and online – there are many communities across the world, the amazing thing about the internet is that you can gossip about knitting and crochet with someone who lives halfway across the world from you.
  • You can also find a whole load of tips online – crafting blogs, forums, social media groups, and pages. Join these groups and don’t be afraid to ask for help on a problem! People will be ready to answer, because they’re all passionate about the same things.
  • Contact crafting blogs, contact local knitting and crafting groups. Many knitting clubs actually take place in a local wool shop, just like ours.
  • You can set up your own knitting group within your local community – many village halls, churches, schools, etc. can be hired out for under £10 an hour. You can even set up a weekly club in a café or library – no rent to pay!

If there is any other crafting question you’d love us to answer, simply get in touch via our social media, or email us.